• "We're a Fully Customized Insurance Processing System"
  • SCIPS® is a “cradle-to-grave” Property and Casualty insurance processing system capable of supporting all sized companies up to $100 million Direct Written Premium and beyond. We are a multi-line, multi-company, multi-bureau, Internet based, Insurance quoting, issuance and financial processing system.  State-of-the-art Customer Service access to help you give quick and detailed information to your insureds.
  • SCIPS® has over 30 years of development time and was developed for Insurance companies by Insurance professionals with over 100 years of combined Insurance knowledge and experience.
  • There are already over 500 current users on the SCIPS® System, receiving the outstanding value added benefits of automatic renewals, automatic reinsurance processing, overnight batch processing and printing, “on-the-fly” custom programming projects, upgrades, and enhancements. Whether your need is to purchase an entire insurance processing application, or simply to find a solution to manage Claims, Reinsurance, Quoting, or Policy Issuance, SCIPS® provides independent stand-alone systems to accommodate your needs.
  • SCIPS® runs on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and many versions of Unix.
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