SCIPS® is a transaction based system. This provides our clients with greater detail that can be used to provide better products and services. SCIPS&® reports do not have to be run by the end of a period. You can retroactively rerun reports at any time.

Report Writing ability is a key benefit of the SCIPS® System. You will be able to sample or "DUMP" data as you try to review your own business without requesting the SCIPS® programming staff gather this information for you.

Technical Features

  • Platforms Include Windows, UNIX & Linux Server
  • Workstation platform Independent (Windows 2000 and Higher)
  • Webmin Utilities for Server and Printer management
  • Development is in a 4GL RAD Environment
  • Perl, PHP and various scripting utilities
  • Database Independent
  • CRON for batch processing, emailing, and printing
  • Web Access
  • Data Dictionary Driven
  • Table Driven Rates
  • CVS Source Code Repository Management of all SCIPS® Programs
    • Protects the clients investment in SCIPS®
    • Allows SCIPS® to verify "past" revisions without
      disrupting the current development process
    • Allows SCIPS® to track Source Code
      • What was done
      • When it was done
      • Who did it
  • Allows SCIPS® to view its own source code online
  • Digital Signature Font Capabilities

Multiple Layers of Security

  • First the user has to have a sign-on to the Linux/Unix server
    • Then permission for that user to access the web server has to be granted
    • User then needs access to the actual system
    • And finally the user has to have access to functions within the system
  • Logging of all user activity
  • You control whether or not the quote becomes a policy
  • You control whether or not the agent has the ability to print the declaration page
  • You control your system and empower your agent
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