SCIPS® is a transaction based system. This provides our clients with greater detail that can be used to provide better products and services. SCIPS® reports do not have to be run by the end of a period. You can retroactively rerun reports at any time.

Report Writing ability is a key benefit of the SCIPS® System. You will be able to sample or "DUMP" data as you try to review your own business without requesting the SCIPS® programming staff gather this information for you.

Report Writer

SCIPS® is Table Driven

  • Capable of Premium Accounting, Agent Profitability, and Written Premium Reports by:
    • State, County & Territory
    • Agent & Company
    • Annual Statement Line
    • Company Line & Sub Line
    • Fully Customizable Report Capabilities Available
  • Accounts Receivable:
    • Allows companies to select how commissions are run
    • Written, Cash or some combination
    • When Cancellations are to be sent
    • What are the number of "grace" days from notice due date
    • How the printing process is done
    • How reinstatements are processed
    • Flexible wording on invoices, cancellations and even screens

Agents Access

Loss Incurred Reports by:

  • Agents Data is maintained and stored on your SCIPS® server
  • You control whether or not the agent can provide quote letters and applications generated by SCIPS® to their potential client
  • You know who is quoting what
  • You can see how much is being quoted and what is being issued for marketing purposes
  • You can review with your agent
    • Why you are not getting policies that have been quoted
    • How many quotes in a given period of time
    • Manage your relationship with your business partners – your agents
  • You control whether or not the quote becomes a policy
  • You control whether or not the agent has the ability to print the declaration page
  • You control your system and empower your agent
  • Statement Line of Business
  • Company Line of Business
  • Agent
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